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Corporate Uniform

Enhances your brand value in a big way In this highly competitive business world, first impression matters a lot. In fact, you will never get a second chance to make first impression. If you are not able to impress your client in the first meeting, then the damage will be done. To make a sound impact on your clients, your overall personality should be pleasing. And it includes your dress. Taking this into account, many companies are using corporate uniforms to make great impression in the market. The best part of a corporate uniform is that it gives a unique look and identity in the office or any other workplace. Every corporate dress has a logo that enhances the brand value of a company. Clients’ recognizes the brand and it remains etched in their minds. Thereby, it reduces the advertising cost of the brand of a company. So, if you want to create a great working environment in your workplace, then go for corporate dress. You can customize it according to your needs. Take on your competitors and unfurl your flag on the global map.

Deals in following item

•Shirt & T-shirt 









•Anything Customized

Industrial Uniform

You can choose your favorite industrial uniform from a prominent industrial wear manufacturer in India. You can customize your work wear to suit your needs and also to meet the safety standards of your industry.

Deals in following item

•Industrial work wear

•Reflecting Vest

•Industrial aprons


•Protective wear, etc.

Securities Uniform

If you are a security firm and looking for a right kind of dress for your officers, then you can avail the services of a security uniform. They will design a dress according to your needs and budget. They will include the badge, security officer’s name company’s patch etc in the uniform to depict professionalism. You can buy your dress from a great collection of security uniforms at affordable prices.

Deals in following item

•Tactical shirts

•Military shirts

•Military pants

•Security pants

•Security jackets


•Accessories (whistles and shoes) etc

Hotel Uniform

A professional image is crucial for success in the hotel industry, and hospitality uniforms can help set your staff apart from the competition. The right uniform can set the stage for a positive first impression. Staff members who feel confident and professional in their uniforms are likely to provide better service, and when the uniform is consistent with your hotel’s brand and identity, guests will feel comfortable and well-tended by your staff.

Deals in following item

•Chef Coat

•Chef Apron

•Chef Cap

•Chef Trouser

•Uniform Shirt & T-shirts

•Uniform Skirt & Tunics

Hospital Uniform makes Hospital uniforms which are Comfortable, Stylish and long lasting. We also cater to the Healthcare and Medical Education sectors including Nursing Colleges. Our range of products allow the customer to choose vast range of hospital uniform styles across their departments.

Deals in following item

•Doctor coats

•Doctor suits

•Nurses uniform

•Lab coats

•Operation theatre dresses

•Hospital aprons

•Hospital uniforms

•Ward boys Uniform

•Patient wear

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